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Rock Chalk Talk Randomness

If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

Ranking the Big 12 College Towns

A new way to approach college rankings

A (Semi) Statistical Recap of Coral

Has Coral hurt the site? Let’s find out

Making a Murderer: The South Bend Shovel Slayer

RCT takes a closer look at the so-called Good Samaritan from Home Alone.

Twas The Night Before RCTmas

What Will Baylor's Fall Mean for Kansas?

What Does Baylor Football's Downfall Mean for Kansas? Will the dismissal of Art Briles as Bears coach bring the Baylors back down to the mediocre depths of the conference where, along with Kansas, they were once permanent fixtures?

Kansas Quidditch Team is a Real Thing

Expecto Patrownage! The Kansas Jayhawks Quidditch team takes their show on the road for the U.S. Quidditch Cup.

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April Fools: Ellis granted extra year

Don't Ever Tell Me The Odds

A breakdown of each region in the NCAA Tournament, using the Vegas odds as our guide

RCT Caption Contest

Create a caption for this picture!

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RCT Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet Competition

Who knows the most about the Super Bowl?

The 5 Greatest Home Wins of the Bill Self Era

The 5 Greatest Home Wins of the Bill Self Era: Where does Kansas' 2016 instant classic against Oklahoma rank?

College Football Playoff Simulations

How would a real football playoff have played out?

College Football Playoffs 2.0

College Football Playoffs 2.0: What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

Twas The Night Before RCTmas

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Duel of the Underdogs 2016

Can you pick the first loser?

Star Wars Movies As KU Basketball Seasons

Comparing each Star Wars movie to a corresponding Kansas basketball season. For nerds only. No cool kids allowed.

Projecting Full Playoff Brackets for College FB

What would a "real" college football playoff in 2015 look like?

RCT Rivalry Week Art Show

Sunflower Showdown Smack

Let’s poke a little fun at our "rival" shall we?

The Rant, as read by David

David pays homage to "The Rant" during rivalry week.

How Did Carmelo Anthony's Math Skills Affect KU?

Retracing an alternate KU basketball history, if Carmelo Anthony continued to fail his ACT test in high school.

Rock Chalk Pick'em: Does Indiana beat Ohio State?

Once again, our group puts on their "expert prognosticator" hats to pick some of the action this weekend.

A Fake Oral History of the Infamous '09 KU Brawls

In 2009, the KU basketball and football teams had a couple of fights that made national news. Here is the (FAKE) re-telling of that story.

KSU Band Director explains more Jayhawk pictures

We loved his interpretation of the band formation last week. Now we want to know what he sees all the time.

2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: The Champion

And the winner is....

Jayhawk Basketball in July?

Jayhawk Basketball in July: The World University Games have given KU fans the strange opportunity to watch their men's 'Hawks team play real basketball in the middle of summer.

RCT Restaurant Finals: Sandwich Bowl vs Roost

(9) Sandwich Bowl takes on (10) Roost for the title.

Final 4: Bigg's BBQ vs The Roost

The 4 seed from the Anthony Collins region takes on the 10 seed from the Gilbert Brown region.

Final 4: The Sandwich Bowl vs Pizza Shuttle

The 9 seed from the Rio Adams region takes on the 15 seed from the Jeff Graves region.

2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: Final Four Set

You'll be surprised to see who made the final four, I bet!

Elite 8: Dempsey's vs The Sandwich Bowl

2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Elite 8: Dempsey's vs Sandwich Bowl

Elite 8: The Roost vs Flamingo

2015 Lawrence Restaurant Bracket Elite 8: The Roost vs Flamingo