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Rock Chalk Podcast: Previewing The South Dakota Coyotes

John Thayer, the radio play-by-play announcer for South Dakota, joins the show to preview tonight's opponent

The Kansas Jayhawks welcome the South Dakota Coyotes into Lawrence on Friday night for the season opener, and that means it’s time for some intel on the KU opponent. To help with that, Andy is joined by John Thayer, the radio play-by-play announcer for South Dakota.

Topics Include:

  • The oddity of a spring season
  • How much development can happen over the truncated break?
  • What style of offense do the Coyotes play?
  • Offensive players to watch
  • What does this defensive line look like?
  • Where can Kansas attack the defense?
  • Special Teams strengths
  • Does the late coaching change help or hurt the Coyotes chances?
  • How does the game need to look to give South Dakota a chance at the upset?
  • Olympic Sports Update
  • Homecoming jerseys

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Follow the South Dakota Coyotes on Twitter: @SDCoyotesFB

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