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Rock Chalk Podcast: Season Preview - Iowa State Cyclones

Levi Stevenson of Wide Right & Natty Lite joins the show to preview the season for the Iowa State Cyclones

The opponent season previews continue, and next up is the Iowa State Cyclones. Andy is joined by Levi Stevenson of Wide Right & Natty Lite to figure out what we can expect from this Iowa State team this season.

Topics Include:

  • Does the realignment news change expectations or add pressure on Iowa State?
  • Key pieces from last year that are gone.
  • New contributors
  • Stealing recruits from Kansas City
  • Defensive names to know
  • Potential 1st Round draft picks
  • What’s the weak spot of this defense?
  • Will we see any more Special Teams hiccups?
  • Which non-conference game(s) should ISU fans be worried about?
  • Can the Cyclones finally beat Iowa?
  • Running through the conference schedule
  • Which games will be most difficult (other than Oklahoma)?
  • When would be the ideal time to play Oklahoma?
  • Which Big 12 game will you miss the most?

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