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Rock Chalk Podcast: Jesse Newell on Kansas Jayhawks Football Transfers

Friend of the show Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Start joins the podcast to talk about an unexpectedly busy Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day weekend was unexpectedly busy for the Kansas Jayhawk Football program. I was joined by Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star to talk about all the transfers, what they mean for next season, and whether any of this should change expectations for the future of the program.

Topics Include:

  • Biggest impact player from the Buffalo transfers
  • Any worries about taking so many transfers?
  • Does this change the outlook for a Kansas Football rebuild?
  • Biggest defensive impact: Zion DeBose or Eddie Wilson?
  • How important will the Rich Miller addition to the LB room be?
  • Expectations
  • How is this hire different than other recent ones?
  • What should the target be for Kansas to be competitive again?
  • Addition of Scott Aligo

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