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Rock Chalk Podcast: Scouting Report on New Kansas Head Coach Lance Leipold

Tim Riordan of Bull Run joins the podcast to discuss the latest Kansas head coach.

Kansas Football has a brand new head coach, former University at Buffalo Coach Lance Leipold. We heard from him directly in his introductory press conference this week, but to get to know him better, I welcomed Tim Riordan of Bull Run, the SB Nation site that covers the Buffalo Bulls, onto the podcast.

Topics Include:

  • Was Leipold on the move soon anyway?
  • What was the situation at Buffalo before Leipold took over?
  • Expectations and Timelines
  • Which assistants are likely moving from Buffalo to Kansas?
  • What does Leipold’s system look like?
  • How did the Buffalo defense utilize their talent?
  • What kind of players were recruited to Buffalo?
  • Comparing Leipold to Gill.

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