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Rock Chalk Podcast: The KU Woj

I’m joined by Mike Vernon, who has been breaking a ton of KU AD and Football HC news recently.

It’s officially silly season, as the transfer portal and head coaching search have shifted into high gear. To help parse through the rumors (or maybe spread some more that he is hearing), I brought in the KU Woj himself: Mike Vernon. We talk about what Kansas should be looking for in a head coach, the various candidates, and then answer listener questions.

Topics Include:

  • How did you get into this type of reporting?
  • What are the chances that Emmett Jones stays on as interim head coach?
  • What actual options does Kansas have?
  • How important is it to keep players on the roster with this move?
  • Jeff Monken reporting
  • Evaluating the Triple Option
  • Other candidates for Kansas
  • Which newcomer is going to make the biggest impact?
  • What other transfer for Kansas be targeting?
  • Filling the open assistant coaching spot.
  • Andrea Hudy thoughts
  • Random Twitter questions

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Follow Mike on Twitter: @M_Vernon

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