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Rock Chalk Podcast: Time For A Break

Andy and Fetch go over the last two games and then give the next 3 a cursory glance.

It’s theoretically a light week for the Kansas Jayhawks, so it makes sense to take stock of what this team looks like, without a lot of focus on the next week of games. I’m joined by Fetch to break down what we saw from Kansas Basketball in the last two games against West Virginia and Oklahoma State. Then, we just briefly look ahead to a bit of a lighter schedule.

Topics Include:

  • Were you surprised by the West Virginia result?
  • Loss of energy
  • Kansas is unlucky on opponent 3-pointers
  • How can Jalen Wilson get back on track?
  • Is this the least talented team Bill Self has had?
  • Kansas defensive strengths
  • Cade Cunningham and disagreement on Mike Boynton
  • Potential worries against Iowa State/Kansas State
  • Who is the 2nd best team in the Big 12?
  • #DownhillSkiingMinute

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