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Rock Chalk Podcast: Previewing Kansas Football at the Texas Longhorns

I'm joined by Gerald Goodridge of the Longhorn Republic podcast to preview today's game.

While Kansas Basketball won big against Michigan State in the Champions Classic, it’s time to look ahead to the weekend, as Kansas Football takes on the Texas Longhorns down in Austin. I welcome Gerald Goodridge back to the show to figure out what is going on with this Texas team, what they are good at and what we can expect in this game.

Topics Include:

  • Off the field shenanigans
  • Biggest issue for the repeated collapses
  • Key defenders
  • Standout performers
  • Weaknesses of the D
  • Why do the Longhorns continue to go away from Bijon Robinson?
  • Casey Thompson vs Hudson Card
  • How will UT handle Kyron Johnson
  • Looking at the UT receivers
  • How important is Jalon Daniels’ experience in Austin?
  • Comparing Devin Neal’s prospects to Pooka Williams against UT.
  • Predictions
  • Basketball!

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