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Rock Chalk Podcast: HEARINGS, Basketball Preview and Texas Tech Prep

It was a full week of the Rock Chalk Podcast, with Mike Vernon, Jesse Newell and Albie Shore all joining the show.

I’m going to admit, I slacked off a bit in terms of getting the episodes posted here on RCT, but after recharging during the bye week, we have a full slate of show running the whole gamut of topics, from realignment tidbits to stadium hearings to basketball season previews to hearing another fanbase lament about their football team (and subsequently reminding us why there actually might be hope tomorrow).

Topics Include:

  • Kevin Warren at Big Ten Basketball Media Days
  • Conference Realignment and the Alliance
  • SEC Pods and the realignment timeline
  • Memorial Stadium Upgrade HEARINGS
  • Urgency of stadium upgrades
  • Further fundraising efforts
  • Olympic Sports update and how that affects realignment
  • The state of the football program

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Topics Include:

  • A complete overhaul of the roster
  • Who’s the biggest go-to guy: David McCormack or Remy Martin?
  • Team Dynamics
  • Is it reasonable to expect that everyone will get better?
  • Twitter Question (via @BlueBloodsBlue): Which potential starter will end up on the bench by conference season?
  • Who will the main contributors be?
  • Which bench player jumps in for significant minutes this year?
  • Twitter Question (via @dcoker275): Will Bill Self finally press?
  • Who is the top tier of the conference and a dark horse candidate?
  • The “Openers” Lineup

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Topics Include:

  • “The most depressing 4-2 team I’ve ever seen”
  • What’s going on with this defense?
  • Biggest issue for this team?
  • Coaching issues
  • How will Tech attack the Kansas defense?
  • Tech’s run defense
  • What single stat is the biggest indicator of how the game has gone?
  • Matt Wells vs Kansas
  • Is it really possible to have more than one team you root for be good simultaneously?

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