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48 Days Until Kansas Football: Podcast - Deep Dive into Oklahoma State Football

MIcah Allen of Cowboys Ride For Free joins the podcast to dive deep into OSU.

Mike gave a great primer on the Mike gave a great preview of the Oklahoma State Cowboys in yesterday’s entry into the countdown, and again, there is only one thing that he couldn’t provide: an inside look at what to expect from this team.

To get that, we welcome Micah Allen of Cowboys Ride For Free onto the podcast. We talk about Gundy, the effect of COVID on expectations, and what names to look out for.

Please note that this was recorded prior to the news coming out concerning conferences canceling non-conference games, including the Oregon State game.

Topics Include:

  • Gundy/Chuba Situation
  • Is Gundy on the hot seat?
  • Can we still expect OSU to compete for the Big 12 title?
  • Defensive turnover
  • Names to know
  • Stepping through the schedule
  • Looking at the Kansas game
  • Worries about Kansas

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