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Rock Chalk Podcast: Awards, Trivia, and Lawsuits

Fetch and I talk about all the sports-adjacent things going on in the world of Kansas sports.

We are still without sports, but there are plenty of things going on adjacent to sports for the Kansas Jayhawks. Player-of-the-Year awards are being given out, and the athletic department is in the middle of a lawsuit with former football coach David Beaty.

Topics Include:

  • Choking on Trivia
  • Marcus Garrett wins Naismith DPOTY, Udoka Azubuike wins NABC DPOTY
  • Player-of-the-Year awards remain.
  • Should Devon Dotson be getting more pub for POTY?
  • David Beaty deposition revelations
  • Implications of the news.
  • #GameMinute
  • Send us your best/favorite moments from the year!

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