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Rock Chalk Podcast: Recapping Kansas State and Previewing TCU

Fetch joins me to talk about the true hero of the weekend, and we see if there was anything meaningful for Kansas in that game.

After injuries decimated the rotation, the Kansas Jayhawks held on for an important win against the Kansas State Wildcats in Manhattan. The next opponent, the TCU Horned Frogs, did KU a solid by beating the Baylor Bears, but can they get a second straight win to take that gift right back?

Topics Include:

  • Surprised that TCU was the one to beat Baylor?
  • Do injuries explain all of what happened against KSU?
  • Which is better: great offense or great defense?
  • Turnovers an issue again.
  • How should playing time be managed for Devon, Marcus and Dok?
  • Predictions
  • #CurlingMinute
  • The Jerome!

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