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Rock Chalk Podcast: Previewing Baylor with Our Daily Bears

Scott Chasen joins the podcast to break down the biggest game of the season.

The biggest game of the year deserves the biggest amount of coverage, and so we have a BONUS episode today of the podcast for you. Kendall Kaut of Our Daily Bears joins us once again to break down the blockbuster matchup between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Baylor Bears that is happening Saturday.

Topics Include:

  • Biggest game since when?
  • Biggest storyline of the game
  • Team defense
  • Will Baylor’s defensive gameplan against Udoka Azubuike need to change?
  • How big is the loss of MaCio Teague if he can’t go?
  • How much can we actually learn from the last game?
  • Offensive Rebounding
  • Shot Blocking
  • #Big12Refs
  • Predictions
  • Anyone other than these two in the Big 12 tournament championship?
  • NCAA Seeding talk

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