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Rock Chalk Podcast: Previewing the Iowa State Cyclones

Was Saturday a fluke, or should Jayhawk fans actually be a little worried?

The Kansas Jayhawks prepare to face an Iowa State Cyclones team that is a bit puzzling, with a huge injury to star Tyrese Haliburton but a complete demolition of the Texas Longhorns in their last outing. To help figure out exactly what’s going on with this team, I invited on Levi Stevenson of Wide Right Natty Lite.

Topics Include:

  • Down year for the Cyclones.
  • The loss of Tyrese Haliburton
  • Who does this team turn to?
  • What the biggest difference for this team without Haliburton?
  • Strengths of ISU.
  • Matching up with Kansas
  • How could ISU win this game?
  • Big 12 race
  • Is there any shot for ISU to make the postseason?

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