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Rock Chalk Podcast: Previewing Kansas Jayhawks Football against the Oklahoma Sooners

Allen Kenney of Crimson and Cream Machine joins the podcast to preview this week’s game.

The Oklahoma Sooners come to town tomorrow to most likely destroy the Kansas Jayhawks. That doesn’t mean that we won’t see some success for various players or units from the KU side. To help figure out where that might happen, Allen Kenny of Crimson & Cream Machine and Athlon Sports joined the podcast to give us more information on the OU.

Topics Include:

  • What happened with this team early?
  • What’s been the reason for the rapid improvement?
  • Still expecting to make the Big Title game?
  • Looking at the rest of the schedule?
  • Adjusting to a freshman QB
  • Can Kansas make this uncomfortable at all?
  • Defensive Line Play
  • Which backups get to shine?
  • Does Kansas cover?

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