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Rock Chalk Podcast: Previewing Kansas Jayhawks Football against the Iowa State Cyclones

Levi Stevenson of Wide Right & Natty Lite joins the podcast to preview Iowa State.

With Iowa State coming to town tomorrow, it’s the perfect time to talk about the important things with Levi Stevenson of Wide Right & Natty Lite. He joined me on the podcast and we get right down to business with things you didn’t know you needed to know.

Topics Include:

  • Corn Sileage?!?
  • Offensive struggles
  • Why isn’t ISU going downfield?
  • Does the defense have a weakness?
  • Getting pressure
  • How does Kansas stay in this game?
  • Predictions

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Follow Levi on Twitter: @LeviRStev

We want your input on the podcast. If you have something you would like to talk about on the podcast, or any suggestions for people that we should try to talk to, let us know by emailing us at or on twitter @RockChalkPod.