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Rock Chalk Podcast: Recapping Tennessee and Oklahoma State, Previewing Texas Tech and Texas

Fetch and I recap that last two, and look ahead to a packed weekend.

The Jayhawks survived in their two David McCormack-less wins over Tennessee and Oklahoma State. We break down what we learned from those games.

Then, with the Super Bowl looming Sunday, we take a look at both the Saturday game against Texas Tech and the Big Monday game against Texas.

Topics Include:

  • What did we learn from these two games?
  • No denying Braun’s importance
  • McCormack’s role is now clear.
  • Two different ways of winning were on display
  • The case for Kansas as this year’s “dominant” team
  • Any worries about either of these two games coming up?
  • Looking at Moretti and Ramsey.
  • Again, what’s going on with Shaka?
  • #SuperBowlPropBetsMinute

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