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Rock Chalk Podcast: Previewing Baylor Bears at Kansas Jayhawks with Our Daily Bears

Kendall Kaut comes back to the podcast to talk some basketball ahead of this massive matchup.

It’s the biggest conference game of the year so far, as #3 Kansas hosts #4 Baylor in the Snowpocalpyse. Andy is joined by Kendall Kaut of Our Daily Bears to break down the action.

Topics Include:

  • Surprised to have a marquee matchup this early in the conference schedule?
  • What drives the Baylor offense, and how does Kansas defend it?
  • Why is Baylor so good at getting second chances?
  • Baylor defensive strengths.
  • Most important matchups for this game.
  • Horrendous history for Baylor in Allen Fieldhouse.
  • This might be the year Scott Drew finally wins in AFH.
  • Looking ahead to the postseason.
  • Predictions

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Follow Kendall on Twitter: @kendallkaut

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