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6 Days To Kansas Football: Previewing Indiana State Podcast

David previews Indiana State with Luke Martin, and I give an update on Kansas Soccer.

It’s the final podcast entry in the countdown, as we take a look at the season opener against the Indiana State Sycamores. David is on today’s episode with the assist, as he actually conducted the main interview for today’s show. He spoke with the play-by-play guy for ISU, Luke Martin.

Topics Include:
-Where is this program right now?
-How much different is this team from last year?
-Does this game feel a bit different than previous FBS opponents?
-What kind of offensive scheme does this team run?
-Where can these teams be exploited?
-Which players are ready for a breakout?
-How would a Sycamore win happen?
-Andy’s thoughts on ISU
-Kansas Soccer update.

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