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Podcast: Hudy Leaves For Texas, No Starting QB, Best Seasons Under Self

I’m joined today by Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star to go over all the biggest stories in Kansas football and basketball.

Just like the football season, the season 4 premiere of the podcast is quickly approaching. But before we dive heavy into the new seasons, it’s time for one more quick wrapup of the summer , and man there are some big news items to cover. To help me break down all the big stories, I brought back one of our first guests: The self-proclaimed “lowal listeners and loyal guest” Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star.

Topics Include:
-Reactions to Andrea Hudy leaving for Texas.
-How will this affect KU basketball?
-No starting QB named.
-Twitter Q&A (via @hawk_jock): How many starting QBs are we going to see in the first 3 games, and how many total QBs will play?
-Top Individual Player Seasons under Bill Self.

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