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48 (minus 1) Days To Kansas Football: Previewing Texas Football Podcast

I’m joined by Gerald Goodridge of Burnt Orange Nation to set expectations for this Texas team.

It finally happened. Mike missed a day on the countdown, and then my computer decided that it wanted to miss a day instead of doubling up. So instead, you get to entries into the countdown today. On today’s podcast, we are continuing our march backwards through the Kansas Jayhawks Football schedule. To help preview the season for the Texas Longhorns, I invited Gerald Goodridge of Burnt Orange Nation and The Longhorn Republic podcast. I appeared on his podcast last week to preview KU for them, so it was only fair that he come do the same thing for us here.

Topics Include:
-How would you rate last year?
-Is Sam Ehlinger ready to step up?
-What are the biggest pieces missing from last year?
-Biggest contributors on a defense that is missing a lot from last year?
-Looking through the schedule.
-Worried about LSU?
-Any chance the Longhorns overlook West Virginia?
-Any concerns about the game against Kansas?
-Wrapping up the schedule.
-Which recruit will have the biggest impact?
-Which game will define this season?
-Do you really get bothered by #HornsDown?

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