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62 Days To Kansas Football: Previewing Kansas State Football Podcast

I’m joined by Grant of Boscoe’s Boys podcast to set expectations for this Kansas State team.

We continue the season previews today with the Kansas State Wildcats. In what seems to be our tradition, we weren’t able to get any of our previous KSU guests to return due to scheduling issues, but Grant from the Boscoe’s Boys Podcast was able to join us for today’s episode.

Please note that there were some technical difficulties with this episode, but since you can still hear everything, I went ahead and published the episode anyway.

Topics Include:
-Was last season about what you expected?
-Expectations for this year.
-Biggest contributors on offense?
-Biggest contributors on defense?
-Which recruit will have the biggest impact?
-Looking through the schedule.
-Which game will define this season?

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