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Podcast: 7 Foot Man-Eating Chicken

I’m joined by NBA agent Keith Glass to talk about his new book.

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It’s not very often that we get to switch it up here on the podcast. I know we have a lot of different programs we can cover, but usually we talk about the teams and their results, argue about what we think the coaches should do, and ultimately make peace with the fact that the coaches probably aren’t going to listen to us anyway.

But if there is one thing that I really like about doing this podcast, it’s finding interesting people to talk to about topics that are at least somewhat related to the school we all love. And today we have a great one. I was fortunate enough to talk with Keith Glass, NBA agent and author of the new book 7 Foot Man-Eating Chicken, in which he talks about the issues facing the sport of basketball through the lens of his experiences in the league. Take a look at an excerpt below, and then listen to the interview in its entirety.

“I would go from negotiating a $17 million contract at 1:00, and doing whatever I had to do to get that money, and then driving down the street to Mater Dei High School and coaching kids and telling them you gotta be unselfish; the game is an unselfish game; you gotta care about your teammates. It was a very bipolar type of existence I led there.

I’m not against basketball, I’m not against money. I’m against excess. Clearly, what’s gone on now, in college, in the NBA, and now dipping down into high school even, it’s an excess. It’s completely out of whack.”

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You can pre-order the book on Amazon here

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