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Podcast: Talking Kansas Tennis with Head Coach Todd Chapman

The coach explains how the college sport works and talks about everything to come for this team.

The podcast scored what is likely the biggest get of it’s 2+ year existence, at least when it relates to Kansas Sports. Sure, we’ve had plenty of media personalities, recruits, coaches’ family members, other writers and more, but this is the first time that I’ve got an active head coach at a Kansas program to come on the podcast and talk about his team.

Todd Chapman, the head coach of the 14th-ranked Kansas Tennis team, joined the podcast for a discussion about his sport, his team and his outlook on coaching. He also talked about all the great events that they have coming up the rest of the year, from the remaining 3 regular season matches (all with free admission and FREE PIZZA) to the Big 12 Championships, to potentially hosting NCAA tournament matches. Let’s do everything we can to support the team, starting by listening to this episode to find out how.

Topics Include:
-What were the expectations for this team?
-Differences of team tennis.
-Creating lineups
-How do the rankings work?
-Constructing Doubles pairings
-International recruiting scene.
-Scoring system
-Upcoming matches
-Most memorable experience
-Hot dogs

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