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Podcast: Discussing Bias at the NCAA, the Silvio De Sousa suspension, and how to move forward.

I chatted with Shane Mettlen about his 2017 investigation into the NCAA Clearinghouse and what it tells us about today.

As promised, I interviewed the author of the 2017 FanRag Sports investigation into the bias of the NCAA Clearinghouse, and we talked about what that additional information tells us about the Silvio De Sousa suspension and moving forward.

Today’s Topics Include:

-What turned you onto this story?
-What was the most shocking example you heard about?
-Extra hoops for foreign athletes to jump through.
-What made you connect the Silvio De Sousa case to this reporting?
-NCAA bad PR hit
-Will coaches continue to stay silent?
-What will it take to change this practice?

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