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Podcast: Recapping National Signing Day

I’m joined by Mike to break down the recruiting class

Today is a big day for the podcast. First, it’s the first official episode as part of the new Rock Chalk Talk Podcast channel, and while we are the only show that is currently on the channel, we are looking to add a few new shows in the coming months. (So if you are interested in podcasting, hit me up on email and we can have a chat.)

But it’s also the first time that I can remember being legitimately excited about both the recruiting class and the direction of the football program, and I had Mike join me today so that we could break down the entire day.

Topics Include:
-Biggest Surprise Signing of the day?
-Steven Parker signs
-Favorite Moment of the Day
-Velton Gardner and the huge RB group.
-Les Miles’ son transferring - but probably not to Kansas.
-Takeaways from the press conference
-Offensive Line update
-How “miraculous” was this class?
-Would Beaty have been able to get close to this class?

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Gavin Potter Announcement Video:

KU coaches’ reaction to Marcus Harris signing:

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