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Podcast: Silvio De Sousa decision, Demolition of Texas Tech, Previewing Kansas State

I sit down to take the NCAA to task, recap a phenomenal performance against Texas Tech and look ahead to an important game in Manhattan.


We all ranted and raved about the decision on Twitter and here on RCT after the decision was handed down, but today is my first opportunity on the podcast to take the NCAA to task for their ridiculous decision against Silvio De Sousa and I try to avoid nonsensical rambling. Oh, and there was a game that happened to. It’s a fantastic episode, even if you have never listened to the podcast before, so jump right in.

Topics discussed:

-Ridiculous suspension of Silvio De Sousa.
-The twisted logic of the NCAA.
-Large differences between guardians and parents.
-Why “Silvio can play anywhere but Kansas” is a horrible take.
-Marcus Garrett injury
-Texas Tech recap
-Dedric Lawson has a “quiet” 25 points.
-Ochai Agbaji shows off freak athleticism.
-Devon Dotson, Lagerald Vick and Quentin Grimes played well.
-Charlie Moore was surprisingly decent.
-Big 12 race
-Scouting Kansas State

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