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Podcast: Best Hockey Team in School History

I caught up with our Hockey Club team as they prepare for Nationals.

While everyone else was prepping for the game against the Wildcats on Monday night, I was catching up with the Jimmy Samuels, president of the Kansas Club Hockey team, the #1 ranked team in the Pacific region of the AHCA Division 3. We chatted about the recent string of results, the fantastic showing in the Border War, and looked ahead to Nationals, which are in Frisco, TX this year.

If you haven’t already, please do interact with the team’s GoFundMe campaign (linked below). Even if you can’t donate, sharing the campaign will help to get more eyes on it.

Topics Include:

-How the trip to Air Force prepared for Nationals.
-Recent results
-Border Battle recap.
-More satisfying - #1 or destroying MU?
-Previewing Nationals

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