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Rock Chalk Podcast: Big 12 Football, Basketball and Soccer

I’m joined by Phillip Slavin to set up the final 3 weeks of the season and the soccer postseason, plus we get a jump start on basketball.

With last week’s bye, it’s time to do a status check on the Big 12 as a whole. Phillip Slavin of The Ten 12 Podcast, Cowboys Ride For Free and The LandGrant Gauntlet joins me to break down the conference, including much more Texas Tech than I expected. Also, we look at the basketball season and soccer postseason.

This was recorded earlier this week, before the NCAA Tournament brackets were released, and before Bryce Thompson committed to Kansas, but I didn’t remove those parts because they were integrated into the discussion.

Topics Include:

  • Depth of the Big 12
  • Did Matt Wells inherit the worst situation?
  • Unrealistic expectations at Texas Tech
  • Most important games for the Big 12.
  • Ideal bowl matchups
  • Oklahoma State in Big 12 basketball
  • Rankings the conference teams
  • Strength of Big 12 Soccer

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