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Podcast: Previewing Kansas Jayhawks Football Against The Oklahoma Sooners

I’m joined by Kamiar Mehrabian of Crimson & Cream Machine

Last week sucked for the Kansas Jayhawks, even more than the week before. The Oklahoma Sooners are rolling. To see if there was any chance that we might be able to pull this upset, I reached out to Kamiar Mehrabian over at Crimson & Cream Machine.

Topics Include:
-Bigger surprise, big step forward for the offense or the defensive improvement?
-Has the defense actually been challenged?
-Biggest threat to the OU defense from Kansas.
-Willing to bet the line on this game?
-Who gets more credit, Lincoln Riley or Jalen Hurts?
-QB of the future: Spencer Rattler
-Any chance Lincoln Riley heads to the NFL?
-What would it take for a Kansas upset?
-Which is better: a puzzling loss to Kansas that guarantees the conference title, or take your chances?

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