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Podcast: Kansas Jayhawks Basketball disaster in Ames, losing Udoka Azubuike and looking ahead to TCU

I fly solo today and break down the big news surrounding the KU Hoops program

Today, I couldn’t wait for someone else to be available to recap the disaster for the Kansas Jayhawks in Ames, especially given the news of the injury to Udoka Azubuike and the potential burning of the redshirt of Ochai Agbaji. Note that this episode was recorded before Bill Self confirmed that Agbaji will play the rest of this season.

Topics discussed:

-Best player of the night.

-”The Sky is Falling” mentality.

-The road ahead isn’t brutal.

-Lagerald Vick and “hero ball”.

-Pressure of the streak is off.

-The loss of Dok and what it means for him next year.

-Burning the redshirt of Ochai Agbaji.

-Short rotation

-Twitter Q&A (via @maxpitney): Any chance Bill Self leaves for the NBA after this year?

-Twitter Q&A (via @davidconrod): Does KU believe in altering a player’s shot once they get here?

-Previewing TCU.

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