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Podcast: Recap of Baylor Disaster, and looking ahead to Late Night and Oklahoma State

It’s a full house today as we talk about a full week of action.

BIG3 - Week Eight Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Once again, the podcast ran into some day job and home life difficulties, so I was only able to get one episode put together this week instead of two. However, the episode is full of content, with a brief review of the Baylor game, a preview of tonight’s festivities at Late Night, and a preview of the Oklahoma State game with fellow podcaster Mitch from the Tape Doesn’t Lie Podcast.

Topics discussed:

**Baylor Recap with Mike:**

Worst part of the Baylor game?

Worried we won’t see Miles Kendrick again this season?

Timeout usage

**Late Night with Kyle:**

2 Chainz: Good selection?

What do we expect from this scrimmage?

Lagerald Vick

Post matchups.

Quentin Grimes

**Oklahoma State with Mitch:**

Expectations for Oklahoma State coming into the year?

Early season Oklahoma State results.

Justice Hill vs Pooka Williams

How does the offense run?

Any concerns about turnovers?

How can Kansas compete in this game?

The OSU defensive line.

Concerns about the Kansas defense?


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