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Podcast: Rutgers Recap and Baylor Preview

I'm joined by Grad to recap Rutgers and my counterpart over at Our Daily Bears to preview the game in Waco

Rutgers v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Due to weather related technical difficulties and scheduling issues, we weren't able to get the Rutgers recap episode to you as originally scheduled. Instead, we combined it with the Baylor Preview episode to give you a massive episode today.

I'm not sure exactly what the last two games tell us about this team, but Grad and I try to wade through it for you.

And then I reached out to a friend who is an expert on this week's opponent to have a rational conversation about what to expect.

Topics discussed:

Rutgers with Grad:

-Biggest surprise from the game.

-How did this happen?

-Just how bad is Rutgers?

-Will David Beaty ever NOT have a game where he thinks about going for a 4th down, call a timeout, and then punt/kick? (h/t @TJFsports)

-Defense: Is it this good or just really lucky?

-QB play: Any improvement possible?

-Conventional wisdom says Kendrick should be the starter and the run game should replace the dink and dunk passes. But will the coaching staff follow conventional wisdom? (h/t @gimmethewooby)

-Pooka for Heisman?

-PFF Focus: Pooka, Mike Lee and Bryce Torneden on the national team.

-How many wins would it take for Beaty to get another year? (h/t @SuttonNealKU)

-Is Kansas the worst team in the Big 12 right now?

-Will Kansas break the conference road losing streak this year as well?

-Looking ahead to Baylor, how competitive do you think this game will be?

KU-Baylor with David:

-How has Matt Rhule dealt with the trying circumstances of his position?

-How big was the lost recruiting class in the wake of the scandal?

-Did the first couple of games affect expectations for this team?

-Given the performance against Duke, how worried are you about the Kansas defensive front?

-Importance/likelihood of turnovers.

-How will Baylor handle the trio of running backs for Kansas?

-Other critical matchups for this game.


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