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Podcast: Jill Dorsey-Hall previews a brutal Kansas Jayhawks Volleyball schedule; Crazy Football Predictions

Double the guests today for double the previews (and fun).

Michael Plank

The podcast is up and rolling, with a second episode for the week. Since football is not the only sport that is starting up, I thought it appropriate to turn to our other favorite fall sport: Volleyball.

I’m joined today by friend-of-the-podcast Jill Dorsey-Hall, who is a color analyst for both the volleyball and women’s basketball teams. With lots of turnover on the team, she shares some observations from the exhibition last week. And don’t forget that the regular season starts with a match against Arkansas tonight. You can catch the match on ESPN+.

Our second guest is Clayton Trutor, who writes for the SB Nation site for the Cincinnati Bearcats. He has some... interesting... predictions for the Big 12 this year.

Topics discussed:

Jill Dorsey-Hall on Volleyball:

-Strengths of the team this year?

-How well are they replacing the big pieces they lost from last year?

-Brutal non-conference schedule. How well is this team equipped to handle the tough slate?

-Strength of the Big 12 conference.

Clayton Trutor on Big 12 Predictions:

-What made you think that Kansas would be able to get 6 wins?

-Potential Offensive Prowess and the QB race (this was recorded before Kansas named Peyton Bender as the starter).

-Breaking down the full predictions - WVU at 1, TCU at 9, ISU at 10.

-Is this the year the bottom falls out for Texas Tech?

Follow Jill on Twitter: @jilldorseyhall

Follow Clayton on Twitter: @ClaytonTrutor

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