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17 Days to Kansas Football: Podcast - Season Preview with Jesse Newell

I’m joined by friend of the podcast Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star to break down the football offseason and look ahead to the actual games.

Rhode Island v Kansas

The third season of the podcast is finally upon us, and it’s time to start diving into the storylines that we expect to see in the upcoming season. To help with that, I asked Jesse Newell, of the Kansas City Star, to join me.

There is a lot of great stuff here, including his defense for his bold predictions and game picks, and some reasons why you may actually want to be a bit more optimistic about this team this year (but only a bit).

In case you haven’t noticed, the name of the podcast has slightly changed. “The RCT Podcast” was always meant to be a placeholder name until I could come up with something better, but also because I don’t want to restrict this podcast to only something that has to do with this site. RCT is the home of this podcast for the forseeable future, but it’s time to open it up a bit more and give the podcast its own unique space and voice.

To that end, we now have a new Twitter account (@RockChalkPod), a new email address ( and hopefully soon our own Facebook page. Feel free to interact with us online if you haven’t already. The iTunes feed is still the same for now, but if the name change causes any of that to be different, I’ll let you know.

So now that all of that stuff is out of the way, let’s get to the episode.

Note: I said in the recording that the next episode will be coming out later this week. There has been a slight change of plans and it will instead come out next Tuesday. After that, I’m hoping to get 2 episodes a week during the football season.

Today, Andy kicks off the new season of the podcast with Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star.

Topics discussed:

-What has been the biggest story for you to come out of camp this year?

-Can you really blame fans for their lack of optimism about this team?

-Does the hiring of Mike Vollmar show that maybe the administrative support for David Beaty hasn’t necessarily been there?

-Is there a bare minimum number of wins for Beaty to keep his job?

-Assuming Beaty doesn’t light the world on fire, how big of a hindrance is the $3M buyout to making a change?

-Which of your bold predictions do you think is the most likely to happen? Least likely?

-What is the biggest area of concern with this team heading into the season, and why is it the offensive line?

-How has KU managed to be last in ypg every year since 2010?

-Who on the roster is going to be a breakout star this year?


-QBs to start a game for Kansas this year? (2.5)

-Steven Sims TD receptions (9.5)

-Khalil Herbert 200+ yard games (2.5)

-Times that Kansas is losing by less than 10 points at the half (4.5)

-Punts on 4th and 1 (11.5)

-Twitter Q&A (via @ChasenScott): What is your sushi order?

-Twitter Q&A (via @WillCorker): If KU wins the National Title this season, is Self a top 10 all time coach?

We want your input on the podcast. If you have something you would like to talk about on the podcast, or any suggestions for people that we should try to talk to, let us know by emailing us at or on twitter @rockchalktalk.

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