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Podcast: Reactions to Sheahon Zenger getting fired

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived, and we can’t help but react to it in podcast form.

Kansas 8 OSU 1

Today, many in Jayhawk Nation got exactly what they have been wishing for when Sheahon Zenger was relieved of his duties as the Athletic Director at the University of Kansas. Since we have been beating that drum louder and longer than most, it only seemed appropriate to get our thoughts on the announcement.

What you'll hear today is not nearly as produced as normal, as I simply caught guys as they were available today to chat briefly about the news.

This isn't the only episode of the podcast coming to you this week, as I'm going to try and get the rest of our reactions out to you later in the week. Also, our regularly scheduled episode is coming to you tomorrow or Wednesday, which is in no way affected by today's news.