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Podcast: Pooka Goes Off, Les Miles, and Previewing Turkey Hoops

I’m joined by Mike and Fetch to recap the last week and look ahead to basketball.

It’s podcasting time again, and today we have another packed episode. With no interest in going for 2 hours again, I pared the episode back to a more normal length, but we still managed to fit in a bunch of topics.

Make sure you listen to this one early, as we talk about the Marquette game on Wednesday night.

Topics discussed:

-Oklahoma game: exactly as planned?

-Moral Victories.

-What can Les Miles do to help this team?

-Overall impressions of Les Miles.

-Recapping the Vermont and Louisiana-Lafayette games

-Worried about Dedric Lawson?

-Previewing Marquette

-Looking ahead to Tennessee.

-Any games on the schedule that have lost their appeal?

-Shake up in the Big 12 expectations.


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