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Podcasts: Recapping Oklahoma State and Previewing West Virginia

A week’s worth of podcasts, rolled into one.

Oklahoma State v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

We had two episodes of the podcast this week, but neither on them made it onto the site until today. Take some time to remember the good things that happened last week, and join me as I preview this weekend’s game with Bart Keeler of The Smoking Musket.

Episode 12 - Beaty’s Best Hope

Topics discussed:

-What surprised you more, Carter Stanley starting or the fact he played so well?

-Did the OL actually play better, or was Stanley just making them look better?

-Does Carter Stanley get the starting nod the rest of the way?

-David Beaty’s best hope to keep his job.

-Disappointed in Pooka’s performance?

-Steven Sims big game.

-Root of the defensive secondary problem.

-Lack of defensive pressure.

-Lessons learned to take into West Virginia.

-Any chance Kansas State is worse than KU?

Episode 13 - The Big 12 Needs Kansas To Be Decent

Topics Discussed:

Perfect opponent for Homecoming?

Who besides Will Grier will we hear a bunch about on Saturday?

How do you attack the West Virginia defense?

Is running inside or outside more effective?

How might the defense potentially disrupt West Virginia’s offense?

What would have to happen for Kansas to keep this close?


Kansas has improved.