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Podcast: Two Huge Performances Carry Kansas to 2-0 week

I’m joined by Fetch to break down how KU staved off disaster and kept pace in the Big 12 race.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas came into our last episode needing to shake off the bad taste of the loss to Texas Tech, and huge performances by Mitch Lightfoot and Malik Newman in successive games allowed them to stay on pace in the Big 12 race.

Topics discussed:

-Takeaways from TCU/Iowa State

-Lightfoot’s surprising contributions.

-Lack of production from Azubuike.

-Svi lighting it up on offense, but struggling on defense.

-Vick hits the wall.

-Fatigue in the second half defense (h/t Jesse Newell)

-Graham is used to lots of minutes, not so much for anyone else.

-Huge improvement for Newman.

-Previewing Kansas State and West Virginia

-The Big 12 race.

-Twitter Q&A (via @ChasenScott): How sad is it that I just got that #FreeBilly is a play off of #FreeWilly?

-Twitter Q&A (via @JonnyOrlansky): Why are we the only program that has to deal with the eligibility “crap”?

-Dorance Armstrong declares for the draft.


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