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RCT Podcast: Football Disaster

I'm joined by Grad to get mad about football.

Given the performance of Kansas Athletics over the weekend, it's not surprising that the tone of this episode is less than encouraging. Grad and I spent nearly an hour lamenting just how bad that football game was. Grad went on a rant against the coaching staff, and I'm surprised there wasn't any swearing that needed to be edited out.

A programming note: our podcast is now being hosted by Zencast, which is going to give us a lot more flexibility and the ability to host the entire back catalogue of episodes. The podcast should also be available shortly on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and anywhere else you find podcasts. You can point to us manually using this RSS feed:

Today's Topics Include:

  • Ranting about the Central Michigan loss.
  • Just how bad is this team?
  • Is it time for Clint Bowen to go?
  • The defense has been terrible for a long time, despite the phenomenal individual performances.
  • What will it take to redeem the season?
  • Is it even feasible to fire anyone on this staff?
  • The lack of success from Zenger.
  • The fans are so starved for positive developments from football that they overreacted to the win over Texas.
  • The win over Texas may actually hurt us in the long run.
  • Twitter Q&A: Is it too early to hold Beaty accountable for these games?
  • Twitter Q&A: What does it take for two words to rhyme?

Recapping the end of a bad Saturday