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RCT Podcast: Kansas Football Home Opener and Non Conference Schedule Expectations

I’m joined by David and Grad one more time as we break down both this weekend’s game against Southeast Missouri State and the first half of the schedule.

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

With the opening game of the season only a day away, it’s finally time to talk about what we expect to see from the Jayhawks this weekend. I’m joined by David and Grad again in this episode as we talk about not only this game, but how the early part of the season is shaping up.

Today’s Topics Include:

-What are you looking for this weekend in the season opener against SEMO?

-Will you be able to take anything away from the game this weekend?

-How important is the non-conference performance?

-Back-loaded schedule.

Make sure you leave us comments below, especially concerning the new format. We recorded all three episodes this week on Sunday, and from what I can tell that seemed to work out pretty well as there was no breaking news that made our discussion obsolete. Let me know if you felt otherwise.

Also, I’m still looking for any input on the show, and we would welcome anyone from the RCT community that wants to appear on the podcast. Feel free to send me an email, or let us know below how you would like to participate.