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Podcast: The Value of Overseas Trips and The Foolishness of a Forced QB Battle

I'm joined by David and Grad to talk about the KU offseason news.

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

As promised, there is a quick turnaround between episodes this season, as we are planning on releasing 3 episodes per week. Tonight, we talk a bit more about overseas trips, and then move on to the offseason new surrounding the football program.

The refusal of the coaching staff to make a starting QB publicly is definitely a development that's stuck in the craw of many people who follow the program, including those that appear on our podcast. We probably could have made an entire episode on this topic alone, but instead we just have an extended episode for you today.

Today’s topics include:

-Are overseas trips worth it for college basketball?

-Quiv and Maciah Long dismissals. Impacts, concerns?

-No clear starting QB again? How is this a thing?

-Is the lack of a starting QB a sign of some disfunction on the coaching staff?

-The importance of having a starting QB.