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Podcast: Carrington Harrison on Kansas-Missouri, the aftermath and looking ahead

I'm joined by Carrington Harrison as we discuss the buildup of the 2007 season that culminated in the biggest game ever played in the Border War.

Missouri v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This is the final part of my conversation with Carrington Harrison. We pick up with the second half comeback by Kansas, and then move into the emotions of the post-game along with BCS conspiracy theories. Finally, we move into how this season didn’t really lead to any sort of sustained success, especially for Kansas.

After listening, let us now what you think and share your opinions on these topics. Since this is going to be the final article on the “test” season of the podcast, please leave us all the comments that you can concerning the things we tried out this time. So tell me whether the shorter episodes work better. Is it ok breaking up conversations into multiple episodes? Should the titles go back to picking a couple main points, or should I continue to pick out a word or phrase from the recording to be the title? I’m really looking for some feedback here as to what you would like to see moving forward.