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Podcast: Carrington Harrison on Kansas-Missouri, the hype and the game.

I'm joined by Carrington Harrison as we discuss the buildup of the 2007 season that culminated in the biggest game ever played in the Border War.

Missouri v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We continue our coverage of the 2007 Kansas football season in this episode of the podcast. This time I am joined by 610 Sports afternoon radio host Carrington Harrison. This is his second appearance on the podcast, and this time it is broken into two parts. In this first part, we talk about the buildup of the season and just what this game meant to the two teams. We also get into some discussion of which team was actually the better one and whether the location of the game affected the outcome. And we finish up with some discussion of the Tigers offensively and how Oklahoma just seemed to have their number that year.

After listening, let us now what you think and share your opinions on these topics.