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Podcast: The Hypocrisy of the Kansas Football Program

I’m joined by Mike to talk about just how much the coaching staff is refusing to hold themselves to the same standard as the players.

Kansas v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

For those that have really been paying attention to this Kansas Jayhawks Football team, Saturday’s result against the Baylor Bears was entirely expected. It’s hard to find new ways to criticize this coaching staff, but we were given new ammunition thanks to some choice quotes from those same coaches themselves.

Today’s Topics Include:

-Baylor recap, live and in-person

-Coaching staff unintentional self-indictments

-Is Beaty's attitude affecting media coverage?

-Would a recognition of a problem by the coaches be enough to buy them more time?

-Baylor has done a lot more with less this year.

-What is rock-bottom for this team?

-Bowen's and Beaty's hypocrisy

-Players don't deserve the criticism: The Mike Lee Story.

-Lack of player development.

-#HotTaek: Armstrong is still a first or second round talent.

-Wrapup: Soccer falls in first round of Big 12 tournament, Volleyball beats TCU in 4 sets.

-Excited for basketball season to officially start on Friday?

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