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Podcast: Disrespecting Baker Mayfield, Stifling Mike Daum, Giving Thanks.

I’m joined by Grad and Derek to discuss the most recent debacle and to offer some basketball hot takes.

NCAA Basketball: Maui Invitational Game 3 Chaminade Silverswords vs Kansas Jayhawks Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We finally got Grad back on, and we have some new blood on the podcast this week, as Derek makes his first appearance. There was a lot to talk about as well, as Kansas Football found a new way to embarrass themselves, Kansas Basketball got back to its dominant ways, and Kansas Volleyball showed that they are still a top 15 team.

This will likely be our only episode this week, mainly because I have family in town and will find it difficult to sneak away for a Friday episode. There is just a little bit of wrapup on the Oklahoma State game, but I don’t think anyone is actually expecting anything from this team.

Topics discussed:

-Baker Mayfield vs Kansas: How stupid is the controversy?

-Is this just another sign that Beaty's leadership isn't effective?

-Mangino's competitive fire is missing from this staff.

-Kansas defense played well for most of the first half.

-Offense left tons of points on the field.

-Kansas Basketball against South Dakota State: Did you get to watch the game?

-Has Svi embraced the role of go-to guy?

-Other positive developments from the game?

-Marcus Garrett has the looks of a major contributor.

-Preview of the Thanksgiving week.

-#HotTaek: Texas Southern will challenge Kansas on Tuesday

-#HotTaek: Clay Young will average 10+ minutes a game (I accidentally said "points", but I definitely meant "minutes")

-What are you thankful for in Kansas Sports?

We want your input on the podcast. If you have something you would like to talk about on the podcast, or any suggestions for people that we should try to talk to, let us know by emailing us at or on twitter @rockchalktalk.