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Podcast: Kansas Football unable to handle criticism

I’m joined by Mike to talk about David Beaty’s disappointing press conference and to look ahead to the big matchup against Kentucky.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks football team did not surprise anyone with their loss to Texas on Saturday. Pretty much anyone who even halfway paid attention to the college football world knew this was coming. Yet somehow, David Beaty was unprepared to answer a question about the now record 45 straight road losses. Mike and I talk about this and more on today’s episode.

An apology in advance for Mike’s audio. Somehow it got just a little bit garbled, but it was still good enough to understand so I rolled with it.

Topics discussed:

-Kansas vs Texas recap.

-David Beaty avoiding the question about the 45-game road loss streak.

-Inability of this coaching staff to take criticism and show accountability.

-Impressions from the season opener.

-Marcus Garrett looks poised to be a difference-maker this year.

-Kentucky's struggles before the Champion's Classic.

-Big Kentucky Recruiting classes are so routine and boring.

-Baylor Volleyball is on fire, Kansas can't compete without Madison Ridgon.

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