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Podcast: Is there any hope for Kansas Football against Texas Tech?

I’m joined by Mike to preview TTU, appreciate the Volleyball team, and break down the weekend schedule

Kansas v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

After the marathon episode I had with CDot earlier this week, today’s episode is concise and to the point. But don’t worry that we just state the obvious and leave the rest of the episode a boring wasteland of complaining, there is still plenty to listen to in today’s episode. Make sure you listen until the end to hear the announcements about some upcoming guests on the podcast.

Topics Discussed:

- Giving Kansas any shot against Texas Tech?

- Long-term successful outcomes

- What kind of coach would take this job if it was available?

- Did Volleyball fix their issues in the West Virginia match?

- Madison Rigdon standing out among attackers.

- Weekend Preview: Tennis, Swimming, Softball, Volleyball and Football all in action.