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Podcast: Beaty’s reaction to #FireZenger banner proves the point.

I’m joined by David to talk KU-KSU, reaction to the #FireZenger banner, and to get hyped up for the start of Kansas Basketball.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The result was a lot closer than we expected, but Kansas still lost to Kansas State. The bigger news was the #FireZenger banner that flew over the stadium before the game and how people reacted to it. We break that down, I go on a rant, and David talks about seeing Jayhawks live in NBA action.

Topics discussed:

-Surprised by the result of KU-KSU?

-Baylor woes, but still favored over KU.

-#FireZenger Banner flew over the stadium. Reactions.

-Calling for change doesn't mean you aren't a "true fan".

-Loving the University isn't enough of a job qualification.

-Public demonstrations are quite often the only way to bring attention to needed changes.

-The football situation needs to be fixed before it is too late.

-Kansas is literally a national laughingstock.

-Iowa State is further proof of our failure.

-This team has talent that is being wasted.

-How excited are you for the start of Kansas Basketball?

-David talks about seeing Jayhawks in the NBA up close and personal.

-Kansas Volleyball drops a tough match to Iowa State.

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