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Podcast: Sheahon Zenger hotseat; Jill Dorsey-Hall on KU Volleyball

I’m joined by Mike to talk about the ISU and TCU games, and friend-of-the-site Jill Dorsey-Hall joins us to talk about the volleyball team.

Kansas Volleyball Kelsie Payne Ainise Havili
Kansas Volleyball Kelsie Payne Ainise Havili

We missed the Tuesday episode due to illness and scheduling conflicts, but Mike and I couldn't let the whole week go by without talking Kansas sports. But given our position on the upcoming exhibition game and the outlook for the football team, we had to find something else to take up a big chunk of time.

We were finally able to work out the logistics of having friend-of-the-show Jill Dorsey-Hall join us to talk Kansas Volleyball, and I hope you find our conversation as enjoyable to listen to as it was to be a part of. I've included the links to the articles we talk about in the show notes below, so don't forget to check those out.

Topics discussed:

-ISU wrapup: The script was flipped.

-Coaching or players?

-Positives to come out of the game?

-#FireZenger bandwagon.

-TCU, best shot for Big 12 team in the College Football Playoff.

-TCU game "preview", betting lines, why is this game on primetime?

-KU Volleyball dominant against Baylor

-Has this team been missing that chip on their shoulder?

-Tori Miller and Madison Rigdon against Texas.

-Rigdon seems to be this team's "go-to" player.

-Final Four in KC

-Texas Tech and Oklahoma this weekend: What do we want to see?

-New Volleyball Facility, what does it mean for the program?

-Recruiting locally, how important is it and what does the talent pool look like in Kansas/KC?

-What upcoming KU matches (other than Texas) would be the best to watch?

-#volleyballschool and supporting the team.

-Beating USC to make the Final Four

Links in today's episode:

Dear Tom Keegan:

Most recent interview with Jill Dorsey-Hall:

KU-USC Elite Eight Recap:

Relive match point against USC to get to the Final Four:

We want your input on the podcast. If you have something you would like to talk about on the podcast, or any suggestions for people that we should try to talk to, let us know by emailing us at or on twitter @rockchalktalk.